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Figstone is a leading business partner to the Telecom, Utilities and Finance industries. We specialise in providing innovative solutions and products to optimize and generate more revenue. Our extensive knowledge and focus enables us to provide a range of leading edge Business Intelligence, Workflow and CRM solutions to build your business.

We partner with our clients to provide sustainable business solutions that maximise revenue, minimise cost and continually improve customer experience by providing Cloud based solutions, effective Data Management and Reporting , reducing costs and enhancing Business Processes.


Business Intelligence

Figstone offers the full solution cycle starting from consulting through development, support and maintenance for Data Warehouse, Data Migration, Data Quality, Dashboards, Data Mining and Reporting. We work with our clients to advise and support on everything from the selection of the best technologies through to the most appropriate project management methodologies to use.


Figstone can help you turn your ideas into automated realisties. Figstone's end-to-end workflow consulting and professional services help turn your initiatives into reality while minimizing the impact on your staff, resulting in better employee adoption, faster implementations and long term operational success. Furthermore, we can gather real-time data about your firm processes and help you gain insight about where you can gain efficiencies and increase profit.

CRM Solutions

Figstone can help you create and maintain profitable customer relationships and building superior brand value to foster greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. We can implement technology successfully by the correct fit to your current data, processes and operating model environment. Furthermore we can help you identify the best way to use a given tool in your organisation business model.

Software Services

Figstone offers full stack services, right from server setup, backend development, middleware, frontend development and design services. With a team of professional and experienced developers from across the world, Figstone has helped many startups and established companies get onto the web. We work with the clients to provide the best technologies and advice on the best patterns for each project.



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